Friday, September 2, 2011

Hells Gates! (Wal Mart) by Diane Ogden

No one is lying when they take these pics at Wally world..... I am telling you the truth.  I have my camera ready when I walk through the hells gates of that place.  It never ceases to amaze me what I see and it has nothing to do with China.  Rather its us-in's USA country folk.  OMG totally embarrassing. They shouldn't been allowed outta the shoot!  That's all I can say, but then again each is here on this earth for his or her own learning.  Does that only include the ones with class vs ass, the ones with smarts vs farts, the ones with more vs the whores, the ones with totes vs smokes, the crazies vs the babies, the nuts and butts vs putts, and so on....??  I am not a judgemental person but omg I cant believe what I see at Hells Gates when I HAVE TO go there.  I mean come on they have the only $4 prescription program. Even though I heard there is asphalt and paint residue in the meds!  Do I go anyway?  Sometimes yup.  But I dress well when I go for my Chinese blue asphalt ka-douches and drugs.  I lock my car, and watch certain groups of different color park right in front of the door with no matter of anyone else. Just sit there in the way!  IN THE WAY!  I and most others don't do that!  But then who cares, pull out the smart phone and take a few pics of Hells Gates People...better known as Wal Mart frequenters, grab a cart, stay away from those that fart if your smart, get out real fast before you see more a_s (then you want,) get your drugs, run from the thugs, swear to never go back, cause most of em on smack, All so crass, has to be why they show their  a_s, .....scary place, take along mace! China owns them! Cause they sell the drugs cheap, which draws in the tricks of the folks in the pics.  You have to go there to believe it!  Bless the greater!  That is the good news for the day... not necessarily the happy news. I took the photos from the website "the people of Wal Mart."  You have to go there before you die.  Put it on your bucket list for sure.  It's out of this world, or at least the one I live in until I need a $4 prescript. 
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