Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ghosts... by Diane Ogden

I am sure there are more family ghosts hanging around but these are the only ones I have photo's of. The only ones strong enough to manifest themselves into the camera's instant shudder movement.  Apparently cameras see more than humans do, or faster anyway.
This is the largest manifest I have ever seen.  And I saw it!  Not with  my naked eye, but after I shot the photo.  Then I shot another and another each time looking at the screen and the air in front of me. There was never a visible cloud except in the camera viewer.  I told whatever it was to leave unless it was a positive force and took photos of it as it ascended over to the side and then up up  and away.  No it was not fog, seriously.

This photo is my Grandfather, Emil Jungbluth.  This is just before he passed on.  You can see the spirit of something in a beam type form coming directly down on him.  I believe it was a positive force readying him for his passage.

I have the same type photo of my dog, below who passed away from cancer. The same foggy form coming directly down from the atmosphere.   
I have many more....
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