Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friends and Family! by Diane Ogden

I, me-itis, mwah, try to find humor in everything!  Sometimes when I shouldn't!  But today was a wowzer day.  My neighbor two floors up and one door down and one across got fired from her job after 19 years.  Yupsie nothing funny bout that one.  She failed a drug test but doesn't do drugs.  And they said, "No seconds honeybunny!"  She turned in her keys, drove to her doctors office for another drug test to see what the HELL happened because that sure didn't arise out of heaven unless she wins the lotto today or tomorrow.  Next she came to my door, the HELL being unannounced to me .....It was when I said, "How are you doing today?"  OMG the tears fell like falling rain. 
Next my neighbor across the street called and was still in bed at 3:00 p.m. I said, "What!! Get up !"  She said she was laying there wondering why she had been born.  I told her, "Don't know, just get up and keep going."  Her child stole her credit card as well as that child, whose 42, has some other serious issues.  Nothing funny bout that one. 
My Granddaughter had her 11th birthday last weekend but no party for this side of her family.  So my parents (the child's not so great Great Gparent's get all bent out of shape and drive to child's home (after threatening to go to child's school of which I sent out a YUGE red flag that was dissed. Means disregarded) They went to child's home in pouring wind blowing rain to give her some presents. They didn't go in, they had her come out and get into the car and have a mini car party!  I shouldn't tell doi. But come on, whats funny about that?  Nothing! Sounds like someone wanted to make a statement huh? 
Me, I had a ball buying the Grandchild what she asked for, and asking her if it would be okay to drop it off at daddy's work which will happen today.  Holy Jesus of Israel and Egypt and Wisconsin. 
Soooo....the Happy News for today is.  We are still upright, happy or not.  Let people walk there own path and you walk yours best you can. Hard isn't it? And don't drive in the pouring rain when you are 80 and 86 to have a car party in the great grandchild's driveway that will make you look foolish vs what your goal was. And no clue on the drug deal, just pray it works out because those tests are many times wrong.  Cold medicine can show up as cocaine. Truth.  Snopes it.  And if you have a 42 year old child run like hell!  Move! Lock the doors, turn off the phone.  Now I am going to work before anyone calls or knocks on my door with any more good news.  This is a new day, don't let them all run together like broken eggs.  Split them up with a good nites sleep and move on.
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