Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dad's FalseTeeth in My Purse? by Diane Ogden

So my father had a kidney removed this week. My brother drove four hours to be part of the kidney removal scene. Its the only time we, my brother, mother, father, and myself get together. Not kidney's only, but any medical issues of the parents.  The nurse gave me dad's teeth in a plastic container full of liquid, to care for during the kidney removal. I looked at it, went to put it in my purse and stopped....the thought came and then the vision of the plastic container coming open and spilling all about me purse!  Bad memory (of dad) so I didn't put them in the purse.  I carried the blessed things down to the restaurant with brother, mother, and sister-in-law.  I set them on the table suggesting we get a plastic bag for them.  As well as handing full responsibility over to mother.  She acquired a white hospital bag placed them in the bottom and tied the top.  I couldn't help but notice they were sitting on her food tray.  Mother is 809, that was a typo, 80 years and all I could vision was those teeth going into the trash with her food tray.  And I said so!  She rarely likes my said soh's.... Then being a very anal human being, mother decides the plastic bag is too big for the teeth container size and goes to find herself a cutting object.  She comes back with a plastic knife and starts sawing the top of the teeth in the bag.  She gets it done after much sawing.  Now we have a small plastic bag with a twisty tie thingy on top still sitting on the food tray heading for the trash area.  My dad really likes his teeth by the way.  And mother secretly thinks he needs new ones.  He doesn't.  His teeth look totally real with gold fillings and a chip.  My point?  I was watching those teeth like a duck on a junebug!  Finally, mother put them in her purse!  Teeth saved through one last operation...I hope the last one.   This blog was one of those where you had to be there!  Either that or I am sleep deprived from staying at the hospital with dad the past couple nights.  I can't save my dad, but I saved his teeth!  That's my happy news for today.
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