Friday, September 30, 2011

Bulletproof lenses! by Diane Ogden

This would be EyeMart, Madison, Wisconsin!  Dr. Funkhouser is in photo doing an amazing eye exam on Cody Ogden.  This part of the exam dealt with astigmatism, and as usual Cody made it into comedy central.  Then onto the choosing of frames. I said, "Is this going to be like shoes when you were a little man?"  It didn't take hours like it did when he was a child choosing shoes... omg we would try on twenty some pair of shoes.  He did try on fifteen pair of glasses but it didn't take hours. He found a nice pair.  Then the sales lady came and talked the sales talk....I have to tell you it was hilarious.  She went on and on...we were very patient and polite while listening, until she said, "Yes, you will have one years insurance for all repairs and you will receive bullet proof lenses!"  Cody and I both went into brain comatose for only 1 second, and then we started laughing and Cody started his comedy routine regarding bullet proof glasses that went on and on. He had this startled look on his face that changed to huh? That changed to get real lady!  His response to her was, "Did you say these glass lenses were potentially bulletproof?" She said that THEY (EyeMart) were working on that. Cody said, "Do I need bulletproof lenses? Do you all provide bullet proof lenses to our soldiers?" She didn't know. DOI DUH.  I told them he didn't need bullet proof glass lenses until he gets elected....
The young salesgirl never flinched which we found odd after we had took off with this hilarious bullet proof lens deal.
Maybe she has been trained to do this because Wisconsin is just about to pass the gun concealment I guess its time for bullet proof eyewear.  Me, I don't want to be able to see if I cant move....say someone shoots me.  See?
Just another way to sell a lens! 
And we sure had a good time with it.  What's the good news for today?  You do not have to pay $29.95 extra for bullet proof lenses at LensCraft in Madison Wisconsin.  I promise.  But you do have to pay. Heck, we got two pair for $149.95.  Now he will get a audition and be able to get the Lasix surgery repair he needs and wants.  Heck that is worth $149.95 isn't it?  That would make the Happy News Lady very Happy! As well as it would her son, Cody.  But for now he has new non bullet proof lenses.
omg how far will we go for a $29.95 buck?  Pretty far it seems.....  Scaring folks into thinking they will get SHOT in the eyes.  DUH
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