Saturday, September 24, 2011

Association's by Diane Ogden

Obviously the photo is me wailing out some tune before bedtime!
As you all know or not...I live by associations.  When I go to a certain clients and their dog Benny greets me...that's it, its all over until the next association.  I start to sing immediately, "Benny and The Jets, bomb bomb ba bomb and so on!   I sing "Old Cape Cod" and "I Was Waltzing with my Darling" and I wasn't even born yet at the time those songs were around. That is when I am at another clients in her nautical room.  If someone tells me they are sorry, I start..."I'm Sorry, So Sorry" by Connie Francis!  For hours!  Waltzing Mathilda is another one. One day my friend said someone was stupid!  That is all it took for me to start:  "Stupid Cupid, stop pickin' on me!"  The other day I put a James Blunt CD in and listened to it more than once.  Big mistake.  For two days, including middle of the night upon podie run, I sang, "Your Beautiful!"  I sang to some woman he saw in crowd one day for two days and nights.  I did not want to sing to her for him or me.  I gave the CD away the next day. If I see a rainbow I'm off with Liza Minnelli's mother's (Judy Garland) "Over the Rainbow" and that one I don't do so well. If I hear on the news someone is to be executed (which I hate to hear) I start in with "Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley, poor boy your bound to die!" How about if you tell me you had a dream?  That brings out, "Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream, make him the sweetest that I've ever seen, make his complexion of peaches and cream, and tell me that my lonely nights are over. Mr Sandman, I'm so alone, don't have nobody to call my own, please turn on your magic dream! Guess that one is my fav. huh?  Clue: It was on the first album I ever rec'd for Christmas with my new Hi Fi Stereo at age 12. LOL
God forbid if anyone introduces me to anyone named Maria!  In fact I had a woman named Maria work for me for a long time and I sang, "Maria," from West Side Story over and over and over.  Do I need meds?  Probably but then there are worse things than singing aren't there?   I keep saying I am going to keep a list of all the songs I sing in one day and what prompts them, but then I don't do it.
I am amazed at the part of my brain that remembers all those songs.  Yet when the doctor gives me the THREE WORD TEST....I fail it miserably.  Hope its not time for brain dye!
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