Monday, August 1, 2011

Noises In My Head Come Out My Mouth by Diane Ogden

Yes I am one of those people whose thoughts sometimes come rolling out my mouth, but not before thinking, especially while I am driving.  The other day I was day driving dreaming about a few of the nastier people that have "un-graced" my life and a few that have ungraced other peoples lives that I know when suddenly out of my brain cells comes a strange little voice (I changed my voice because I am a very nice person who wouldn't think of saying nasty things about anyone, WRONG) The voice change just gives me a fake excuse for the bad thoughts that came out my mouth.  Hey, if the tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Of course it does. If I speak bad things and no one hears them, does it matter?  Of course it does! 
But I did it anyway cause I have some strange way of having fun all
by myself.  The little voice dropped a couple octaves and began
speaking to "the" nasty person bully:
"I am so blogcramed sick of your mouth.
Why don't you go jump in the neighbors pool and forget to hold your breath. 
I don't want you to die, just choke a little to see how it feels.
Hey, go dip your finger in hot mustard then lick it and scream! So you know how it feels.
Rent a truck and drive to the top of a mountain and run out of gas, or drive to Peru!
Go bury yourself in the mud like a sow like the shitty mess you made for others.
Throw yourself in front of a truck, but I don't want to watch, I don't like messes.
I wish you were a frog so you could jump away in the grass, far away, you green dumb frog.
I'm fine, your not!  But then your not driving and talking chit about an imaginary rotten bully person.
So what.
You should stop the bitching, day and night bitching.  Nagging ragging bag you are. Stop it.
You should go to a mountaintop so you can hear the spirit speak to you.  So you can learn  before you die.
The old saying is:  Live and Learn, not die and learn. Then its too late jerk off bullie butt.  If you die there is much unfinished business..... 
See:  I'm fine and your going to die with unfinished business. NOT ME...I just said it all and got it out.
I'm good!! I'm really good!

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