Monday, August 22, 2011

Love a Dove, Love a Dove......or Two by Diane Ogden

I was in the middle of walking the dog this early morning when ten feet ahead of me lands a beautiful healthy dove. Then right behind that dove another one lands and there they sit! They just look at me! So I stop walking, pick up "doggie do little," and stare back, all the time thinking/wondering why they landed in front of me and didn't move for some time. They gave me such peace all the while cars are passing, people jogging on the other side of the street, noise from the highway. But for the doves and me, there was a sacred, peaceful moment in time.
I guess the Universe knows I have been introduced to the Animals Speak book by Ted Andrews that tells what it means when certain animals come in front of your person!  It is usually for a reason.  Even bats and skunks!
I woke up early today with some "stinkin' thinkin'" going on.  You know, the old "what is it all for?"  What is it all about anyway? What are we here for? To just work and then die?  Oh yeah, stinkin' thinkin' for surely!  Stopping life wasn't an option so I made my lunch and proceeded out the door with the infamous half Chihuahua half Pomeranian gremlin looking dog for her morning poddie poo. That is when it happened.  The doves landed. And they were trying to tell me this: And this is copied directly from the book: Although its song is heard all the day, it seems more distinct at dawn and dusk. These are the "between times" in which there is a thinning of the veils between the physical and the spiritual worlds, the past and the future. The song of this totem (animal) tells you to mourn what has passed, but awaken to the promise of the future. It is the bird of prophecy and can help you see what you can give birth to in your life. The dove is actually a smaller copy of  the now extinct messenger pigeon.
I would say I was sent a message by the beautiful pair of morning doves telling me I was born for a reason and it "aint" over yet.
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