Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Slept with Andrew and Ben For Two Days! by Diane Ogden

 I thought I should have to learn how to find a food pantry this week.
You know one of those churches where the food is all outdated and they stand there and tell you just how much you can have. I only know because someone told me!
I lost ten Andrews and two Ben's for two days.  I searched my apartment top to bottom including trash. I searched my Buick, my purse, and my brain.  I started worrying I might have the big brain A disease and I don't mean Aides either.  I mean the forget who you are and where you been one.  I went ahead and went to my million dollar hair cut appointment with faith, (not foolish faith) that I would find all my Andrews and Ben's somewhere and if I didn't I would  not stress my usual, I would merely suck it up and sit until the next payday.  I came home from the hair doo deal and also stopped to purchase half a million in ink for the printer in case that is all I had to do all weekend.
I took my recycled ink to store and they gave me $6 which I don't get for two months in the form of a check by mail.  S H U T U P!  I needed that $6 this week people. That is when I noticed I was down to $7 in the wallet. I went home, watched a movie, burned some sage to clear the mental air of feeling "broke," and went to bed.  Often when I burn sage and breath a couple minutes of it, diluted in the air of course, I have amazing dreams. (I learned that from the Indians, in a book of course, not that I have person Indian friends.) One of those dreams of which I am writing a novel from.  Truth.  This night I had a nice peaceful sleep with no worries of Andrew and his brothers and or Ben or upcoming hunger.  I woke at 6:30 a.m. thinking I did not want to rise and shine. Thinking about what I would do for two days with without the "boys."  That is when the sage in the back of my brain from the night before said VERY QUIETLY, almost unrecognizably that it was time for me to wash the pink blanket I was covered with. Then I saw paper bills under the blanket IN MY MIND.  Then I forgot all that as quickly as I thought it. They say the spirit works that way.  I got out of bed, looked at the little dog laying on the pink blanket, not wanting to disturb her but did anyway. I flipped the corner of the pink blanket up and back and OMG there was three of the brothers and one Big Ben!  My mind scrambled.  I looked down and at my feet were more and under the bed more.  I love it when I find more money than I thought I even had.  Of course I keep track of my money.  I let up for one evening and bingo dingo cant do that ever again.  Into the red pouch when not in front of my shining face! The face now facing that marvelous martha money.  (Martha S is rich remember even though she has a horrible personality, she is rich none the less) And I do associations of the brain if you recall.  I am so happy I can pay my cell phone bill with Ben, and buy food and gas with the Andrews Brothers!  And there be some cash flow left over from last weeks labor.  Maybe I'll get that Keurig Coffee machine I have wanted for so long.  No wait, I have to send money to the prison for son number #1.   That's a diff blog, another day.  Need I say what the good news for today is!  Smokie some natural sagie and find monies! 
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