Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Cop Bad Diane Ogden

Today started out in hell and then went deeper into darker hell.  I do not like to complain, but come on, hell is hell and who wouldn't complain about it.  I surely wont say, "Oh hell is wonderful and getting better." Or, "being is hell is quite the challenge and will make me a better person, and help me grow!"  S H U T U P!  No I don't like hell.  It's a chit pit!  The young girl that works with me goes with young boy who decided to live in jerksville today. (he lives there everyday!)  He takes her car, her phone, her $ and then calls my cell phone FORTY FIVE TIMES in an hour, texts it 19 times, leaves five messages with sounds of him banging his head or her phone, not sure which, but I can only hope, on the dash. He broke her windshield and threatened to do away with his human self.  Could we be so lucky. Okay Okay, I know...everyone deserves to live. (NOT so much.) This human person had me so upset my entire body was shaking.  I decided he needed to be turned in for harassment as I could not get him to stop and it was heading for 11:00 a.m.  I said to self and co worker:  Children are in hospitals, people are sick and dying, others need food, and this little piss ant is bombing my SMART phone that isn't smart enough to stop him.  So I call the PO-LICE!  Then his Mama who doesn't like him so much either, then I went to a Po-lice station I was so upset.  Is it legal to upset someone like that?  Guess so.
When I got there no one was home at the cop shop entrance office.......................  then an officer came out and asked me if I needed help, I said, "YES,"  just as my phone rang and it was the other officer so the first officer thought I was ignoring him and left the building.  What if I had needed help? And I did.  Then a very large lady officer came into the area with a very large police dog. I told her about the first and second officer asking me if I needed help and I said yes and then he left the building.  So she went and got a 100 year old white haired lady receptionist who came out five minutes later and  asked me my name and address.  Told me to sit, they would call for someone to come.  It took another half hour and then this officer, about my age came in to talk to me.  Then the deeper part of hell started.  He told me to "be quiet!" ( I was relaying the mornings events for Cops-sake!)  Nope no go.  Then I decided it was humor time.  He made a joke and I laughed and thanked him for making this easier. SHUT UP, I used reverse psych 101 doi.  Turns out the other officer went to little jerk boys home and told him to stop calling my smart phone that isn't smart enough to stop him itself.  Then the two bad cops talked on the walkie talkie like microphone on channel 8 and called me "subject 17!"   The entire situation was a total joke.  This young punk harassed me until my whole body was shaking.  He broke a windshield, was on drugs, was driving erratic, threatening himself and others, said he was going to kill himself and god knows who else on the hiway, bombed my phone with texts, calls, and messages....but told the officer this was all because he and his girlfriend got into a fight before work.  And that is how they left it!  Told me not to get involved.  R U Kidding me?  I asked if I could press harassment charges?  The old fellow told me nothing he could do would make this young man a decent person.  I said, "No, but it will show him he cannot legally do this to me, an innocent person, ever again."  But old bad cop just keep talking until I quit and left the building.  And they get paid for that.  The last few years I have had of po-lice interaction has been like this.  Very much hell, not help.  Only one little alphabetical letter (l vs p)  sure can mean a lot, huh?
I do not keep people in my life like this.  I don't hang out in chit pits! (like I was forced to today) I should sue the men in blue.  I left my mops to go see the cops. I turned him in, he's a piece of sin.
What was the good, he found out he could. I got stuck, by a smuck! Bad cops didn't stop, bad boy coy.  The Happy News for the day is:  I have the ability to move myself away from that chit pit and I will.  And I will bring happier news tomorrow.
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