Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Associated Bank plus Jake! by Diane Ogden

I stopped at the bank today to do some regular business.  I told the teller I sent a nasty email to said bank for charging me to transfer my own money from one account to another!  The teller turned to a young man saying, "She is mad at you! She emailed you this morning!"  The young banker man said, "I don't even know her. I didn't do anything!"  The teller and I finalized the smart transaction of less than a million $. I was about to leave when banker man asked why I was mad at the bank.  I told him, so he invited me to his big fancy banker desk (I have one too) to research the theft of my own $ issue.  While he was checking me out, nawh, I mean my account of course cause I am a couple decades beyond him... I began to tell him that if I met him on the street I would know he was a very competitive man, possibly his own worst enemy, and possibly a critical person whose numbers and energies will help him get wherever he wants and needs to be in life.  His eyes got quite large.  I continued to do a numerological reading for him and his eyes continued to grow quite large.  He was amazed because I was right on! Then we did his X girlfriend whom he is not over, (a 3 year relationship ended by phone??) yet he is with a new love, who I did a numerological reading for!  eeww.  He makes calculated decisions, not from the heart nor from the HEAD and HEART!  Poor kid.  Possibly I poked him enough to where he might find his true self.  Not sure. He used to be a pro baseball boy who became injured and ended up a banker man.  Sucks for him he says. I say he just needs to wake up and live without the continual calculations.  Odd thing was my daughter stopped in at the bank that same day and told me she sat with a hot banker for two hours who helped her with some issues. Odd? Ya think?  My daughter lives in a different city, and I never stop and sit with banker boys.  humm
photo from: www.mennoweekly.org
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