Monday, August 8, 2011

Lynn's Upgraded Porch! by Diane Ogden

This is Lynn's week for out with the old and in with the new.
That would be her old porch to the left (new on the right) which included an empty wooden bookshelf, a hot pink bucket, a snow shovel, (It would August right now) and the infamous metal folding chair which has caused her bottom some serious degree burns on occasion considering the porch is facing West afternoon sunshine.  I kept hinting what stores had comfy cheap chairs on sale.  She said, "OK!" Yet nothing month after month.  (Remember its August now)
Lynn informs me that mid week she will be going into re-do surgery.  I said, "Re-do what?"  She told me her boobs.  OMG!  New boobs because the old ones are slippin, well one is anyway, and the new national trend is back to the old national trend called silicone.  El-Na-tu-ral! But El-painful, under the muscle and over the something else.  I forget.  Her nurse friend is coming to nurse her back to health.  Not sure I like those words considering we are talking boobs.  Start overs:  Her friend who is in the nursing profession will be staying with her during her recovery time.  Considering this fact Lynn must have figured her porch needed a lift too? OMG did you catch that? Me too.  Sooo she calls me on the smart phone and tells me she got a new chair or two on sale.  I said I would be right out with my camera and my dog.  And by godly if she didn't clean porchville.  She even bought a new LED porch lite. This would be Lynn covering her head because I am always taking pictures of her when she has no make up on.  Wait until I get the after surgery shots!  No I wont do that, maybe.
Just think, it took surgery to get this done.  Oh and no more hot butts on this porch. Well, you know what I mean.  With all these upgrades going on Lynn is "liable" to get herself a new boy toy and an invite to the local Frosty Ball this here year!
I can tell you she is lhao as she reads that last line.  (laughing her a__ off)

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