Sunday, July 17, 2011

LuLu's Left the Diane Ogden

LuLu being the third in a line of three animals that reside with me in an apartment.  LuLu being a cat that belongs to my daughter and that I inherited when she/they moved in and then only she left back out.  When she brought LuLu home as a kitten way back when she also lived here....that being three years ago.  Since then LuLu who I wanted to name Sophie because my cat is named Lucy!  In short which this is seeming long, basically I had two cats for several months named LuLu and Lucy when the daughter moved out this last time.  LuLu tortured my sofa, my Nana's antique red velvet 30 button tufted loveseat, two covered chairs, and two very expensive rugs, with her extremely sharp nails.  LuLu would wake me up at 6:30 a.m. every morning clawing my large Flexsteel Wing Back chair in my bedroom.  I would sit up and holler, yes holler, L U L U STOP IT!!! And she would run like the big wind.
Yet the damage was already done 100 times.  Then she went away. Today.  I received a phone call from one of the little girls where she used to live and is now living again who told me she has missed her so much.  Katie told me LuLu was very happy. She was licking my daughters leg which I suspect means "thank you for bringing me to my real home in cat language."  Now if we did that to whoever we wished to say a thank you to ....eewww.  But we don't and the LuLu's of the world do, and it is precious.  I am so happy LuLu is back home with her family.  But now I need all new furniture.

 She will miss lounging out on my porch with Lucy every day.  I put up a child's net all around the rod iron and neither one of them have figured out they can jump over it and out into the yard. Interesting.  My daughter came the other day and asked LuLu if she wanted to come home.  Ordinarily LuLu is a very sassy cat but this time she licked my daughters hand and made a precious soft sound.  We both knew LuLu was trying to communicate her answer.  So today LuLu left the building as I stated in the above paragraph, and that my friends is good news for my furniture.  She is home with two young girls she adores and sleeps with and her Mama Lindsay and new baby Karli and Daddy Derek!  Yeah for me...Peace is slowly returning to my humble abode.  Fun Fun Fun 'til your Daddy takes your T-bird awa-a-a-a-yy!  I don't have a T-bird so I am fine as frogs hair until the next call from jail for bail.  Just kidding of course. I hope.
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