Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Dead in the Drink! by Diane Ogden

Can you see that bug in my glass of whatever?  Can you see it?  It is a Nat!  A nasty Nat! It has wings, and eyes and guts and it is dead in my drink!  When things pass away don't they loose their bowels and  poop? OMG!  On my ice cubes in my drink after a long week of  stuff!  Stuff being my college word by the way.  The blessed stupid bug was drawn to MY drink and why?  Is that just life and evolution?  Long week folks.....then working on the porch so I can win the 2011 contest we have every year here at the good old apartment place complex I live at instead of a houseey-house.  When checking facebook most of my "friends" have houseey-houses of which they take pictures of and show off (it's OK, I would too) their birds and flowers and ponds and so on's.... Me, I got a porch. A 13 x 6 foot outside res-i-dencey.  You darn right it gets dense trying to find space for a lifetime of gardening sense and interior design.  I double check with my daughter to make sure I am not Granny-fying the "Porch" before judging day! God forbid should I put too much out there trying to win a lousy $50.00.  You know overkill could kill the whole darn project.  Too many bird cages and doo da days would kill it! Just kidding I know better, I think. 
As for this dead bug with wings and guts and innards I don't wish to think on ... I removed him or her from my drink and, well, I disposed of him / her.  Not my fault the stupido jumped into the sweet water.  I only hope it is a healthy little one and  doesn't carry diseases because after I disposed of it I drank the drink!  Kool-aide, Jonesboro! (google it)  OMG I cant help it, I live by association, you all know that.  Well I do but not the point of really believing that Nat is poisonous.  Nope, just a little poop on the ice cube maybe, eeeww, or the Nat had too much "Stuff" to deal with all week and overdosed on my drink!   Just kidding I wiped the ice cube off with a paper towel after I sprayed it with antibacterial gel.  If you believe that I have more to say tomorrow.   I'll try Yoga next week.
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