Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm Am A Wise Woman! by Diane Ogden

(I can be humorous, love to write, laugh a ton, and tell stories.  The other side of me is quite spiritual of which I forget sometimes as we all do.  Considering we cannot "see" the spirit we lose it on occasion and only see the world and all it's yuck-muck.  Yesterday something awful happened to me which consumed my only day off.  Later in the day I was looking for something and I found this writing. Given to me by the spirit many years ago. If it bores you move on, if not read on..... because my blog is really a diary for my children and Grands and someday Great Grands to get to know me. Or for whatever reason, it is.) Use me up the way I am!  From the spirit:

You are a wise woman. Sometimes of the spirit and yet much of your own blood runs wise. All from your Spirit Father, me. My daughter, use this wisdom. This blood wisdom. It is rich. Do not allow, entertain, enter into with the likes of any less than this.  I mean-not for you to feel you are a better person, but to maintain and keep your blood rich.  Let no one canker it ever again.  The strength you carry and possess within is worth much more than earthly possessions.  It is the Gems of life and spirit. My woman, I walk with you! I advise you and help you heal from the daily germs of life.  If you could only see from where I am this would be so clear to you! I want to grab you and stroke you up up up to the place where you belong. Not where you've let others put you.  You are higher than the chiefs of my time, but the same in your time.  You are woman, this is the only difference which is no difference. Be calm as I am.  Think naught on "stuff" for it will disappear and be gone.  With your spirit is life.  Not paper $. Be calm as I am.  You stand on the mountaintop, your hair blows in the wind. You are at the top of the mountain!  When the storm comes, do not hide - command it.  When the people come, instruct them. not cower.
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