Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Hair Curse Continues.... by Diane Ogden

I have donated several blogs to the bad haircuts I have rec'd the past three years.  I called them reverse mullets.  So now I cut my own hair.  It's getting better little by Google little.  Yes I Google how to cut my hair.  Not- sa- much on the color which has turned into something that resembles medium rust.  Not a good color for me so I made an appointment with the last person that did it well.  I forgot to take the pictures. Don't ever do that OK?  When she finished after two hours, I looked similar to when I arrived.  A little less rusty of course.  This time I told her.  Not a Happy hairdo color I am looking in the mirror at.  I cant see the diff from when I walked in to now $123.00 plus tip later. 
S E R I O U S L Y! I also missed "supper," a shower and change of clothes, the addition of rings and earrings to show I deserve the class I have...
But instead I have work clothes on I wore all day! Maybe that is the curse! That's the curse,  I should've dressed the cause. I looked around at all the hoop la doo da day ladies in the waiting room who got a pedicure just for the impress-ment (of course I know that isn't a word!) of their hair appointment.  They looked like the people who clean their houses before the cleaning people come.  I messed up huh? I should have cleaned up! Thought so, especially after I looked in the mirror.  Then there was the YOUNG girl sitting in the chair next to me who GOT WHAT I WANTED.  No not a man, a decent hair coloring. I even thought maybe I should SETTLE for what I got.  Nope, Nadda, been doing that all me life!  I wont be ugly (speak with no respect) which infers unkindness.  I will express my disappointment in the results.  The hairdresser told me she was a genius and would/could correct anything I didn't care for.  Hope so. Cause I don't look too much different.  Have you noticed possibly I expect too much from the hair do-er person?  I look in the mirror and yup I darn sure expect someone to fix what life has done to this head.  The brain must  be spillin over onto the face and hair and I am expecting someone to FIX IT!  I mean it.  I cant afford the plastic surgeon so next best would be the hairdresser.  I'll just keep trying as I have forever.  Yes forever.... and that's the good news for today. 
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