Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Father! by Diane Ogden

Tonight I heard somewhere, I think while watching a movie called "Leap Year" that a Father is someone I/a child/anyone, should be able to rely on. That statement really caught my attention.  You see I had five children and not a one of them had a Father they could rely on.  Not one of them.  There were three different Father's by the way.  You can omg me, or not.  Two marriages and one death if that helps with the "wondering" judgmental thoughts that is.  Not one of them I said.  My Father has been in my life since the day I was born.  Not always in a good way, but for the most part he has been there.  Today I went to the rehab facility and "sprung" him for a two hour pass.  (He goes home next week after healing from open heart surgery at age 86)  He has been there somewhat for my children and for all the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.  The old fellow asked me to write up his obit. Geezers!  But I will because he wants to make sure I don't leave anything out.  I may have to Google Great Obits or go to the How to's.  Never done one.  I have done many a thing in my fancy average life, but not ever my Father's obituary.  So today we took him to SUBWAY.  I hate subway by the way.  It has no taste, like the meat has been in the water for three days.  I think they wash it.  Really.  But after rehab food Dad wanted SUBWAY so that is what we did.  The Great Grands (twins) went along as well as the older Great Grand.  Then we went to a Garden Center and left Father in the car while I chose a couple plants for the new 2011 deck contest at my complex.  I always win.  In the meantime my friend down the hall called to check in and I told her where we were and that PaPa (Father) was in the car.  She said, "No, No, we don't leave PaPa's in the hot car nor do we leave dogs in the hot car!"  I laughed and responded with the fact we left the windows and doors open and he wouldn't take off his sweatshirt. He was lovin the heat cause his rehab room was too damn cold he said!  Then off to Mickey D's for ice cream cones. He loved it.  Then back to his "cell."  The rehab cell that is.  All in all it was a good day for my Dad/Father.  But not one of my five children will even experience it because they don't have a Father they should be able to rely on.  The good news is?  They have me!  I have always tried to make up for not only my own mistakes in life with them, but the father's also.  I need a rest off.  That's like a bake off you know?  A contest and when there is only one contestant (no dead beat dad's around)  I WIN!!  And so do they.
 P.S. A vacation wouldn't hurt at all.
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