Friday, July 8, 2011

The Dream Diane Ogden

Now this is what I call real wallpaper!  A personal collage of the greatest meaning.  This is truly what is called "a personal touch!"  Ya think?  Yet I don't see it on the same level as stuffed animals in the back window of Grandmother's Buick or one of those yards full of ceramic animals, bird baths, flamingo's, baby rabbits, hanging this and that's....well maybe its close to that outside thingy ones.  Maybe this would be similar to one of those on the "innie (inside) vs the outie," (outside yard that is!) What is sick about this is I would LOVE to do it on a wall of my house. Yup I would.  Oh God what has happened to me?  Nothing, I love this.  Done tastefully it could work!  Like a dream board only this would be a dream wall!  I have a wall at present in my dining area with framed pictures from top to bottom called "My dead people!"  Obviously the ancestors.  The Dream wall would be everything I want in this world! No Deadness!   WOW, I love it.   Going to do it by Godly which really means I'll have it. You know the believe it you can have it.    So when I die the people that find me or clean my house / apt. will not find dirty undies because Mom told me to ALWAYS have clean ones everywhere just in case so I get hit by a bus or flat die at home, but rather they will find all my hopes and on my dream wall.  Just like the memory walls in various places in the country.  Mine will be my living wall and then become someone else's memory of my dreams, wants, and loves of life.  I already have a bulletin dream board, I will merely expand it.  p.s. I actually framed this picture and put it on the wall with my dead people. ha.  The happy news for today is to be yourself even if you want to put little stuffed skunks in the back window of your car! (oh geezers, try not to, that's badness) 
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