Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cyst on Eyelid Removal by Diane Ogden

Catchy title huh?  NOT!  For the past ten or twenty years I have had this little wort like looking thing on my eyelid.  Then it suddenly grew last year so I stopped into the eye clinic last week at the urging of my optometrist.  I walked in, said my name is Diane and I am scared.  The young boy-man behind the desk said, "OK, Diane (scared) what?" At which time I gave him my last name.  He asked me why I was there. I brought my head closer toward his as I pointed to the wort like cystie thing and said, "I'm scared."  He tried to assure me I would be fine. I told him about my recent cataract surgery and that I had begged my optometrist to remove it then.  She said, "No, go downstairs to Dr. so and so!"  So I am here and scared.  He again tried to reassure me.  I then said, "Hey, I am having a colonoscopy in September, ya think the doc might wander over there and snip it while I'm out!"  OK so that got a laugh but a no go.  It was then I realized I would have to go through the process I went through TODAY.  They laid me down on a chair similar to a dental office lounger, put a needle into my eyelid that felt like a bad bee sting.  Then I felt her cut it off! Then she burned it and I felt that too much so another bee sting shot in the eyelid. OMG I am having a blast.  Then done. The doctor said no one had ever done what I did during the procedure. I said, "What?"  They told me and then I remembered I said, "uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, and a hundred more uh huh's until she was done.  I told her that was my version of Yoga, hummmmmm.  It took my mind away from visualizing what she was doing.  I could see the needle in my brainmind, I could see the scalpel in my brainmind, I could see the woodburning do da day that in my brainmind looked like what my brother used to burn pictures into wood with!!  Oh Lordie. The worst of it all was the smell of burning skin! First of all it was like a witches wort on my nose, then smoke and burning skin! I think I am now free of at least one life curse! Oh, they told me it would throb badly, then bleed for sure. To keep ice on it all night.  I didn't have ANY of that! None!  See the curse be gone Fred..... whose Fred? 
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