Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Bat on the Porch!??! Or Was It Marvin the Moth?? by Diane Ogden

Karsyn, Amy, Kennede, Betsy, Camryn

I have this sweetest, funniest, prettiest, and smartest young woman living a couple doors down on my floor in my complex.  We have found some sort of common ground we live and laugh about for the past several months.  She being in her early thirties and I early old!  Actually twice her size and age and equally as sensible but not as smart and savvy as Ms. Amy!  We chat, phone, text, email, and visit every day. Yesterday she called me very flustered needing help.  I was visiting my Dad at he rehab nursing / dying mill where I had sprung him on a two hour leave.  I could not help her, and I owed her for all the times she came to my rescue. You know, bringing me a beer when life got overcooked, picking up a diet coke when I ran out, hosting a baby shower for my daughter, lifting furniture and moving chairs when I cant, and so on!  So she called her Dad. Then she called her besty.  Then she took a shovel and whacked the little tiny creature hanging upside down on her porch not hurting anyone LOL not so funny huh?  Dad and I and the Grands and Great Grands were eating at SUBWAY.  Miss Amy said it wasn't a bat, it was big as her fist, grey brown and it flapped hard when she "hit it!"  But she was not going out on that porch again until the creature was taken care of.  Time passed, and we delivered Dad back to the dying mill and then drove back home....  The three girls and I went to view the relative of the bat on Amy's porch as well as visiting her little doggie Betsy.  Amy is out in the grass with her dog and I, when my Granddaughter calmly walked to the porch, leaned down and picked up the "Butterfly Moth," and said,  "Nana, it's a butterfly," and then walked it over to a bush and put it down with hopes it would heal up and fly away to a nicer porch lady!  Ms Amy was carrying on saying, "But, but, but, it was big and awful and upside down and when I whacked it flapped hard wings and wouldn't leave!"  I said, "I think it was terrified!"  She said, "No!"  It really was awful.. 
I understand.  It was to her what a mouse is to me!  Awful, call 911 or anyone!  HELP... 
But it was just a Butterfly Moth LOL.  Her Dad almost drove an hour and a half here to save her....wouldn't that have been a hoot n holler! Ms Amy may never live down the moth that overtook her porch for a day and a half.  I may not either cause I giggle every time I think of it. Thanks my friend, I needed that today.
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