Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Toe Truck and Singing MaMa.....by Diane Ogden

I sure wish this was my idea!  Best I have had was little Green Cars with mops for antenna's for a Green Cleaning Company.  Oh and zillions of daisies painted all over the cars.  Daisy's are clean and fresh I suppose that would be why I chose that particular flower.  Who cares....  back to point.

I am not sure why there is a row of port o poddies sitting in the background of the cutsie Toe Trucks but there they are.  Maybe the Toe Trucks haul around butt shelters?? From one end to the other I would say...  I don't think so but then I didn't do my research.  I happened to get home in time to see Howie Mandel drive up to America's Got Talent in one of those Toe Trucks.  And I knew that was something right up my alley.  That would be the alley in back of my house.  Kidding, I don't live in a house by an alley.

Maybe I will invent the Nail Truck.... or copy the Toe Truck and go around doing house call "Nail jobs"...  look out now its going to get deep in here if I don't stop....  The other truck I saw in my "head" would not be legal or proper.  I cannot help where my head goes sometimes.  My mind thinks by association, therefore I sing by association.  For instance when I see my clients dog named Benny....I start singing "Benny and the Jets" for hours and hours until I get over it or find another association. I work with a girl named Maria which means I hate the song Maria from West Side Story!  I have sung it to death. An ambulance passes me and don't ya know I start singing "Teen Angel, Can You Hear Me, Teen Angel Can You See-ee Me.... Then if I see a hot guy who might be (is) much younger than myself, it reminds me of an old love and I start singing all those ballads Taylor Swift sings right on into the night. Sometimes I wake up at three a.m. and darned if the song doesn't try to get me again. Once I watched the movie Walk the Line and I sang that song for a week. If any of them come on the radio I quickly change stations.  I have no control over the noise in my head.  That is why I know I was Steven Tyler's twin sister in a past life.  I rhyme things too. But I don't do drugs. I was not Howie Mandel's anything in a past life. Back to my point! And the price of gas is not conducive to making house calls for any reason.  I did hear some doctors were starting to do that again....

Soo, lets hope I don't end up driving a Toe Truck around town singing Maria and Teen Angel and Walk the  Line dressed like Steven Tyler.  Humm, might just be a very happy good time!
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