Thursday, June 30, 2011

Overcooked Ice-box by Diane Ogden

Hey, I di-ent do it!  Well maybe I did, but I di-ent know it! I woke up this day always thinking it will be a new and wonderful experience...and then I opened the freezer, only it was already opened.  What the frack?  I saw millions of little white icicles all over everything within my eyeball view. This photo does not show the millions, it only shows the hundreds. Take my word for it there were millions...  So I "Shietcanned" (not as in making preserves from grapes) most of the fishies and  anything else that felt soft and was edged in frosty-icicle edgings... It was a pretty site until I thought about cost cash flow to forget to close the freezer. But did I really forget or did something else get in the way. Obviously.  I wish I had know what to blame so I could have thrown its sorry ars, meaning ass into the garbage bag FIRST.  It deserved the ultimate FIRST Place.  But I had no idea, so I threw it all away vs the sickness it could cause my already tired from working too much body!  Say la vie, or Sa la vi, you get it....I'm outta here for today. And my Good News is:  I am still upright and thanking someone for it! 
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