Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mother's Day 2011 ....Card from Son #3 by Diane Ogden

I usually write about the odd and sometimes funny things that happen to me on a daily basis but this time I am sharing a beautiful and touching card from the third of my four sons that I rec'd this past Mother's Day.  I put it on the wall by the door where I can see it every day when I leave for work in this crazy world. Everyone should have a son like this who doesn't forget how important Mother's day is to all Mother's everywhere......

    " LOL, Well the hell with everything huh! Mostly everything is in the crapper right now but keep your
head on right and as low as the lowest point is the highest point will come soon after and boy will it be wonderful.  I love you with every cell in my body.  You have made an amazing man outta a crazy little boy rolling around on the kitchen floor with his pants down....wait, I still do that so never mind  about the rollin around with the pants down.  I wish I was there more but we all have our path and we must stick to it, so we can really want to help the ones we love.  Soon there will be a check in here (card) for $1,000,000 big ones. : )   Keep goin and stick to your guns, you made it this far. Love You and See you Soon! "  Signed Cody Ogden

Isn't he something?   So the Happy News for today is that everyone should be as lucky as I am to have such a son!  I have three other great ones but they don't write me words like this one does.  There should be a Happy Son Day! I like that. P.S. The million is good too....

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