Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Junuary!....... by Diane Ogden

I heard that phrase Junuary on TV the other day and possibly we need to change the spelling of June for real.  Two weeks ago we had freeze warnings for two nights in a row.  Last week it was over 100 and humid two days in a row. And this week I have my heater on under my desk!  That would be today June 12th, 2011.  What the flip is going on? Is Al Gore right about climate change or was that just his was of hiding his personal climate change issues?  (He sure did disappear didn't he?)  Some new trend? We all know the world lives by trends. I do wonder who is the trender maker. Greenspan used to make the trendy calls regarding $$ who is it now? No body, because there "aint" so much cash flow to make calls on.  Maybe I will bake cookies and forget it....the sun is out and the heaters off.  The birds are singing and the good news is I am still upright!    
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