Friday, June 10, 2011

I Met Someone Special Diane Ogden

I walked into this person's home and suddenly felt as though I was in a capsule from another time.  It was a combination of Medieval, Mediterranean, Asian, American Antique, a dash of Hippie, and one quarter cup of class. Well maybe three quarters cup of class +.  I knew that I knew this person from possibly another time in space or another dimension or that we merely have similar taste in life quality and spirituality.  As I walked meandered through each room I came across so many interesting items, too many to mention, but here are a few that enthralled my attention.
Such as many different types of bird feathers being displayed in antique bottles. I believe them to carrry messages and also good luck.  At one point this person felt compelled to tell me the story behind the feathers in the bottles. My new acquaintance had lived in a very large metropolitan area when one day a feather fell from the sky upon her physical being.  That feather was on a mission and my client somehow received it and kept it.  Every day for one year a feather fell from the sky directly to her.  She suspects it was telling her to fly away.  So she did.  To my city where she has now blessed me just by knowing and meeting her.  Now as we toured the home, we entered her bedroom where displayed on each dresser top is jewelry from a time past yet every so present, each piece exhuming its time and presence in the room it continues to live through.  I got it!  I felt it!  Grandmothers necklace was living in a closed glass container.  Reminded me of Jennie in a bottle.  Had I lifted the lid I would have been granted at least one wish by the dear old woman.  I did lift the lid and I suspect I will be granted that wish.  As I followed the owner of this quaint and lovely warm inviting home, I saw at every turn myself and a taste for the life I "wish" I would have honored with more intelligence vs only to find myself without those dear meaningful earthly possessions that most work and acquire to then enjoy. Oh not to say I have nothing.  So as we walk further  into the modern stainless steel kitchen I see a sitting area adjacent to the table where the entire outside wall is of glass windows.  And beyond the wall is a medium size yard that looks like the fairies would have a smashing good time there!  No fairies today....instead an odd number of three little gophers and two squirrels.  One Squirrel being blind in one eye therefore cocking her head to the side as she strolled up to the window.  On the sill are four jars full of peanuts for the critters.  The special person I met today opened the  window and placed a handful of peanuts on the ground.  The ground was level with the base of the kitchen windows should you be picturing this precious 8 x 10 pictorial scene.  These little animals came directly to the sill area with no fear what so ever.  She dropped a handful of peanuts and they graciously ran off with every morsel.  It reminded me of how we are all so connected yet most do not take the time to connect to each other or much "less" an animal of the wild.
Let me add how wonderful I thought the fireplace wall in the living room represented her life.....the wall is Aqua.  Most would not paint their hearth area aqua. In fact the painter asked her if she was sure about this?  She was.  This being because she allows her spirit to lead her and guide her, not the social pallet of her neighbors or anyone else.  The cast iron duck that sits near a tiny antique child's chair, the antique mirrors and paintings, flowerbeds free of weeds cascading down a picture perfect front yard, beautiful woven rugs rolled and placed at the head of the guest bed rather than packing them away.  I could certainly go on and on as you can tell....  just know that today was a good day because I met this person who was able to share part of her life with me.  I believe because she knew that I knew her spirit.  Some days we are just just flippin blessed! Actually every day if you look at what is put before you, even if its "just a feather!" It might make or help you fly to where you are supposed to be........Thanks Karla Knoz !
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