Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Harry and I Rode on Edgar today! by Diane Ogden

Today was my day to be at Esther's house.  She was not home but she told me not to worry, she informed "Harry," her special dog friend that I was coming.  And indeed when I opened the door Harry was barking his ars off.  I said, "Hey, Esther told you I was coming, it's me DianeO!  Harry knew me and came flying down the stairs.  Harry didn't know that I ride "Edgar," (the electronic chair on a rail) up the stairs when I come to visit Esther.  So as usual I climbed into the electonic Edgar chair for my uphill ride when suddenly Harry jumps in my lap!  Oh yes I was shocked.  Not only is Harry heavy, but Harry likes to kiss every one's faces including mine. eeww.  While Harry and I are playing fair ride for doggies Esther is on a new drama mission with her condo ass'es (association) and the local detective's due to her and the colonel's neighbor.  He is an odd fellow who apparently does not like to take out his garbage for about a year.  The Colonel and Esther live in a real nice upscale condo with a downscale neighbor for sure.  There is oowwie goowie gunk running out from under his garage door which is directly adjacent to Esther's side of the garage!  Esther is having several hissie fits per day at present regarding the gunk.  Me, I don't live there so I am fine thank you.  The Colonel on the other hand thinks there may be several sorts of critters in the walls.  Oh my dear God, that did it for me....I will return when this is all taken care of.  At present there is an all points nationwide bulletin out for the fellow that used to live there until the stink sent him running somewhere else.  We hear tell he quit taking his meds a few months ago.  Poor soul.  The happy news for today is that I don't live there, Esther does!  Too bad so sad.  P.S. The Colonel went to his cave den to deal.  Esther went to bed with her dog. I got on "Edgar" and rode myself outta there.
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