Sunday, June 19, 2011

Esther and Her Bears..... by Diane Ogden

Esther loves teddy bears.  Teddy bears of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  I would not be exaggerating if I said she has five hundred, yes FIVE HUNDRED plus bears in her and The Colonel's home.  And all about   her precious car windows.  She uses those only in times of need such as if her Grand daughter is sassy Esther drives to Grand's friends houses and up in front of her school with the stuffed babies in back of Buick!  Embarrassing!  That's the idea!  Back to the bears.  She wanted to name her daughters Yogi, Smokey, and BooBoo but the Colonel put his foot down hard on that one.  Sometimes I think Esther just wants to be a little girl again.  Why not.  There are
bears in her bedroom, her bathroom, her laundry room, her kitchen, her den, her porch, and the loft. There are NO BEARS in The Colonel's den room.  (Cave!)  Some people collect porcelain dolls, some marbles, some bottles, coins, baskets, and some little old ladies collect CATS!!  Thank God Esther only had five hundred plus bears.  What can it hurt.  Only the children and the grands when Esther decides to embarrass them with her imaginative vehicle bear display.  They deserve it for sure. (photo of vehicle from)
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