Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bag Lady Day Diane Ogden

OK, so this is a bad picture of me! No make-up, double chin that really isn't there, bad hair day, looking fat which of course I am not! Do I look fat? I didn't think so!  My neighbor caught me donig the bag lady look in our underground parking.   It appears as though I have been to the trash room, dumpster diving and am now heading off to my cardboard heaven, haven for a restful freezing wet evening of slumber with me dog. Not! Actually I woke up this morning feeling a tad under the weather. I put the dog and her travel bed (a bed on stilts so she can see all) into the car, put some comefy sweats on, could'nt find the makeup case and said, "screw it" and left for garage sales with my trusty little red money bag.  I spent $20 and you wouldn't beleive what my treasures are......  Most of it baby clothes and toys for the new Grand.  But a little corner of this table is for mwah.  The coolest sofa pillow, a small satin clutch purse I will display somewhere, a fabric covered photo frame to match the pillow and clutch and a kitchen rug with fruit all about it.  Classy fruit, not a cheapy bright display.  Then one lady offered another entire bag of clothes and baby items FREE and not pictured as her sale was ended.  I hit it big even though I look like the bag lady extra-ordinaire after my long shopping spree.
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