Monday, May 16, 2011

We Rescued the Baby Robin from the Nasty Blackbird! by Diane Ogden

Jay taking baby birdie back to her nest!
While several LARGE Robins dove him!

Run Jay Run!!!

Cats in ready mode!I woke this morning expecting a wonderful restful day as I do each and every day. This was the day I accidentally ate a few drops of the awful blue laundry detergent left on my counter where I make my toast. Nuff said!  But I continued on with my day eating extra food to pass the detergent without issue.  I belched a lot today!   Just as I was about to sit in my nice happy chair and read some of Steven Tyler's latest and only book I heard a terrible ruckace outside, went to the window to see a horrible site.  A huge blackbird killing either a Mother Robin or one of the babies.  I said, "Oh you bad bird!" (duh) Then the lady upstairs started stomping on her deck to try to scare bad black bird away along with I would say twelve other Robins who came to rescue their bird in distress.  I have noticed after living here for many years how the birds have a special language and ways of helping their own.  The Robins are a very kind bird as are the Finches in our area...the swallows not so much! Back to my story.  The pack of "Robin Hood Robins" did chase the nasty huge blackbird away but there was a repercussion.  That would be one child Robin on my deck flopping about. She was not harmed but was unable to fly enough to get over the railing. I suspect pure adrenalin and instinct to live got her from the dangerous tree out front to my deck whereas her sibling ended up blackbird dinner.  Ordinarily I would call 911. Just kidding sort of.  You see I cannot touch bird or mice for whatever reason. Just cant!  So I begin the search for humane humans to help the baby Robin.   I called the emergency animal number, no go! I called Doug, my friend's tough retired colonel who isn't a baby bird man!  I tried two others who cant touch mice or birds either.  And then, whalla!  Patty and Jay upstairs in #207!  They came down ready with gloves.  Patty , being an animal whisperer lady talked gently to birdie, picked her up as she squawked like she was dying vs being saved, which got the Robin Hood Robins blood pressures up out by the tree of which we didn't notice until birdie was transferred to Jay by Patty outside the deck and over to the tree and into the nest!  Suddenly there were many large Robins who didn't know Jay was the savior rather he must have looked like a large blackbird because they starting making a ruckace and diving on him ....Run Jay Run!!!   And so it goes... ALSWELL as my license plate says. Sometimes its a lie, but this time its truth.  ALSWELL as this ended well.   
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