Friday, May 13, 2011

OMG! or is it SAS? Which Toxic Phrase Would You Chose? by Diane Ogden

Everyone says Oh My God, or Dear Lord, or God dammit, or Jesus!! Whether they are happy or angry or sad.  Or they say, Holy God, or Lordie Lordie, or Good God! That scared the bejesus out of me," "Well for the God of heaven and earth,"  "Sweet Jesus!" "Oh my sweet Jesus/Lord," "Well for the love of Jesus," Oh my Lord, and on and on.

Why do people not take the name of Satan in vain instead of God.  I feel very bad if I slip in a moment, or maybe an entire day of anger which leads me to say God's name in any angry manner.  Would I feel bad if I said, "Satan Dammit?"   Or if I said, "Satan, Satan!"  How about "Sweet Satan!"  hummm, I dislike that one. "Oh you shitty Satan!" I personally like that one.  "Well for the hate of Satan."  Holy Satan, Dirty Satan, Damn Satan, Son of a Satan, Mother Satan, "That scared the Satan out of me!" Silly Satan, Savage Satan, Sorry Satan,  SAS= Sorry Ass Satan??  Well it just came to my mind is all.  Evil effing Satan!

I think I would need to choose one and stick with it or I wouldn't be able to train myself to switch this gear in life.  You know from saying OMG all the time to SAS. Possibly both and or all are basically toxic phrases.

I can remember a stitch in my life time where the fad was to say, "Fudge," when having a moment of anger or frustration. Now we hear "Shut the Front Door" even during Prime Time on TV.  I am not inclined to say that is progress, rather SAS has digressed us and we have allowed it.
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