Monday, May 30, 2011

The Old Outhouse by Diane Ogden

OK so this little outhouse has been there for fifty years plus...  I used it!!  In fact when I was in high school this is all we had besides a five gallon bucket for mid night emergencies.  It was truly awful.  We had no running water for baths either.
Over the years, that is after we got normal bathrooms with bathtubs and flushing toilets! Can you imagine ??  Me either anymore, yet the memories remember!
Everyone who ever used the outdoor privy signed in by writing on the inner walls of that outhouse of which I was afraid to open the door to take a pic of in case.......  the darn thing might have taken a dive on  me literally. 
I don't like shit pits as you all know from previous blogs.  And holding any of them up with poles is funny to me.  But what would I do if I really needed to use that privy outhouse?  Would I chance the poles giving way? What if no one was home? Oh shit!
I love puns or whatever you call that one. 
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