Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Isn't That the Pits!" by Diane Ogden

Life can sock it to us sometimes placing us in what I call "shit pits!"  My mentor always says she'd rather be in the clouds and stay up there where its fresh and pure than ever be in the shit pits.  Have you ever been inside a REAL outhouse?  It reeks of the above (shit) only its below.  Below where life puts us sometimes.
This would have nothing to do with cherry pits, or prune pits, or olive or avocado etc....pits.,  I am referring to real life shit pits. Cancer shit pits, other sickness pits, sadness pits, hunger pits, war pits, politics pits, Schwarzenegger pits, Jesse James type created pits. The pit I am experiencing is a lack of sleep pit due to some sort of weird pain in my kidney area.  Don't think its a stone. Don't think its an intercession for my Father who is 85 and having a kidney removed if he survives the first heart surgery!  Wish it were.  Whatever it is I'd rather be higher up in the fresh air than what feels like the underseat of that outhouse.  It'll be ok.  We all have our "Ups and Downs."  Even The Happy News Lady.  
And the happy news for today is you have learned what it really means when someone says, "Isn't that the pits?"  They are referring to shit which is waste material and not much good for anything or anyone at least they haven't found a use for it yet. (that I am aware of) I have no use for it anyway....unless it would cure any of the above such as illness's or curing spermanators like Schwarzenegger men, but rather I tend to lean on the thought that it is the label placed on all of the above negatives of life.  I know all about reality from my Grandparents old farm, my parents old farm, as well as the trials of life I try to find humor in.
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