Sunday, May 15, 2011

High Efficiency Gain Original Scent for Breakfast by Diane Ogden

I threw a piece of all natural Brick Ovens Honey Oat Bran bread into the toaster oven, then ran back to the computer to finish my picture order of the new Grand baby to be sent to the photo store.  DING....
oh crud I bet I left it in too long and its over toasted...and sure enough, but I decided to eat hard toast vs starting over.  Ordinarily I use a plate but the photo order was waiting so I put the toast on the bare counter and quickly buttered, peanut buttered, and jellied it, grabbed a paper towel, scooted back to the online photo order. I took a bite and thought I smelled perfume but ignored the "still quiet voice" of some blessed Angel trying to warn me. Lord I wish they could thump harder from beyond.  I took two more bites and that is when my brain took a reverse to the previous evening when I poured some High Efficiency Gain into a paper cup on my counter while dripping several ghastly blue green drops onto the exact spot I buttered that toast.  Of course I should have cleaned it up immediately but I had worked ten hours and wasn't finished yet!  I mean come on who could miss those Chinese colors laying on the toasting area.  Me!  I missed them.  And when I realized I had eaten a couple or so drops I spit almighty! Even though I had already swallowed all. Worse then when you think you ate a bug and start spitting even though he be long gone down eaten.  I thought should I gag myself and attempt to throw up three drops of the High Efficiency Blue Green Gain Original Scent Laundry Detergent or should I call 911 or should I drink milk, you know how a lot of packages say drink milk if you eat poison. I am allergic to milk.  I decided to try to relax and drink some water, take the dog out, but my tongue felt funny like it had a blue chemical on it.  Nah, my imagination surely.  I then put a pizza in the oven because I need to go grocery shopping and it was between a pizza or a Dr. Prague's all natural broccoli pancake. eeww. There was no way I could do toast again. I think I am fine except I feel diarrhea coming on.  Surely that is from the anxiety levels occurring in my brain that have nothing to do with High Efficiency Blue Green Gain Original Scent Laundry Detergent going through my digestive tract.  Good God I need to eat out more often when I am that tired.
Actually I did, I bought Chinese last night, ate too late, woke up with bad taste in mouth so I made the toast that got buttered on the counter with the Chinese blue green detergent.  See, my mentor is right. The Chinese I ate that made me sick called in the other Chinese poison. Chinese attracks Chinese!  I tell you people, read those labels.....and do not ever pour laundry detergent around your food preparation areas.  I think I'm fine.  I hope that pizza wasn't made in China!!!
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