Saturday, May 28, 2011

Christmas in May 2011 by Diane Ogden

That would be a resting Clause pausing in my back seat!  I found him today while searching garage sales for a baby swing.  I took one look at that old fellow and said, "He's MINE!"  As I cheerfully gleeed, sounds from a garage sale crowd within the garage walls and driveway all shouted with hurrahs!  They were just waiting for that one Santa "sucker" to arrive.  Whalla, that would be me.  Like I have any place to store a life size Santa.  Maybe in the spare bathroom, or under my bed, or  maybe in my bed.  I haven't had a jolly nice fellow there.....let me think.....EVER! (Well maybe that's stretching it for effect) This here fellow thinks I am wonderful no matter what because he smiles 24/7. I love the way he dresses all fancy.  He never leaves the lid up nor makes a mess he doesn't take care of be that physically or mentally.  And he rides in the back seat.  Would be fun to put him in the front seat and take him everywhere I go.  I am into that sort of non humorous activity rather known as Humorous Shock therapy 101.  I wanted my kids to put a huge ceramic dog on top of their car when they moved across country.  I don't know why I am the only one that thought that would be hilarious!  Sort of like the movie "VACATION" when they put dead auntie up top the car.  I wouldn't put Santa on top of the car, that would be going to far.  I do have my limits even though the above photo does not prove so.
I will find an appropriate spot for Mr. Santa Pause until the season offers him proper timing.  Where he will fit in with the rest of the world making all who view him happy.  That is the Happy News for today.  Out of the dingy basement, onto cheering up the world. Santa Baby, come on down my chimney tonight! Bring checks with the duplex please!
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