Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Button Diane E. Ogden

I do not know what happened, but I grew.  I grew 7 pounds of grow...  I must have eaten fertilizer.  No clue. What I do know is I had to hunt up my OLD button extender and,  my favorite Ralph's (Lauren) do not fit. I am back in the fat pants.  Well not that fat, but more than I usually have hanging around.
This means I will have to feel those nasty pangs of hunger during the day for at least 30 days.  That is what it takes for me to lose 8 lbs.  Protein for 30 days.  Cruds!  Or maybe I will just buy new clothes!!  Cut out one food I have been "fressing" on and forget it.  No....I will lose it like I always do all my life...10 up 10 down 10 up 10 down, swearing to never let it happen again but it does.  But it will never happen again this time.  Sure, that is why I keep three boxes of three different size underwear stashed in my closet, keeping one size out at a time.  6's, 7's, and 8's...  Not that anyone needs to know that.  Or which I am in at present! I hate fat.  It resembles lumpy sausage under the skin. I shall never forget the day Oprah pulled that little red wagon full of greasy yellow fat out on her stage depicting the amount of fat she had lost.  Knowing I have seven block pounds of that horrid yellow thick nasty stuff on me is too much to live with.  Therefore it will be gone!  And after it is gone I still have plenty to sustain me and my Ralph's. But not enough to push me over the top like that seven did! (I have handles and I never had those) see it has to go. I don't want to wear full body spankx thank you! My son is visiting from Thailand and put those nasty stars around my web cam dealie frame....  Just ignore it. Pretty hard to ignore 100 and some yellow stars.  Just like me trying to ignore that yellow gag-shis fat on my core body!
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