Friday, May 20, 2011

The Birds are Back 2011 by Diane Ogden

It was one year ago this week that I posted on this blog, all about the birds on my porch.  Well they are back and its not the sweet little finches, or the stately Robins.  It's the nasty mean swallows.  I even put this huge ugly owl out there to deter any bird activity.
The cats cannot go out (the porch has a baby net all around it so they can enjoy the outdoors)because the birds are going crazy and scaring them as well as the noise is unreal. I considered digging the ear plugs out of the jewelry box where they are stored for whatever reason.  Last year I called the office and the maintenance man came and "murdered" the Mother in her nest ON MOTHER'S DAY no less, not to mention left the corpse there to this day.  I certainly didn't ask for that.  I also entered the porch decorating contest of which I cannot do now.  I am being attacked. I shall paint a sign that reads, "Shit Island!" Because they are doing just that all over my outdoor porch carpet. Cant   go sit in the sunshine and read my new book by my twin from another life, Steven Tyler!  What would he do? He would sing and scream at them and they would leave.  Me, I am hiding and not wanting to murder another Mother in case the babies have been born.  This morning I could not sleep due to all the racket directly outside my bedroom window.  I have to close my windows now too???    Murder might be in order.  I must be getting used to murder, because after writing all the reasons why a couple small nasty mean birds shouldn't be allowed to take over this large section of my life, I think I am getting it.It always took me too long to "get it."  I was willing to share, just not this                       much.  And they aren't even thankful. They are mean.  I do not care what the animal totem is trying to tell me.  For once I am not going to analyze.  Because I already did it right here.  Nothing funny about this today.  Except that one Happy News Lady has allowed The Birds to get the best of her.  Consider that over.  
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