Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Used to be a Dumb Diane Ogden

I do not recall where I got this picture but it's priceless!  Just look at that Man-Chick, I mean Rooster high stepping his feathery strut across that plank like a real man would ride a Harley or any motorcycle for that matter...Strutting a plank or straddling a Harley .....there he be with a herd of dumb clucks ready to follow that bad boy!  Can chicken's swim?  I really cannot remember...and if not these hens are dumber than dumb.  I used to be dumb like that yet I would never follow any man across a "river," walking a plank, especially because I cant swim and because I have learned some man-Chic's, long legged boys, (means not fully growed up yet man,) and even real men have led me astray across many a river, mountain, and stream! Obviously I allowed it, hello walk the plank blank.  Back then, and I don't mean yesterday or last month, this dumb cluck had a degree in dumbass. Now I have a degree in class and manners, (cant you tell,) but I still cant swim. 
Just look at those dumb clucks! Hilarious
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