Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jamerica, Madison Wisconsin by Diane Ogden

So this is Martin!  Martin owns Jamerica, a resturant on Williamson Street in Madison,Wisconsin.  I have delivered a little Sustainable Times Newspaper, now magazine to Jamerica for several years....  one day in 2007 I walked into Jamerica and was greeted by Martin. (of course not knowing Martin was the owner) Martin smiled his huge smile showing twice as many beautiful pearly whites as I think I have ever seen.  Or maybe it was merely his genuine happy spirit I saw between that smile.  He said, "Awwhhh, lookie here, eets dah hoppie nuse laadie!" (Obviously I hope I am showing his deep Jamacian accent....)
Well from that day on I couldn't get those words out of my head.  I really was The Happy News Lady.  I really did find humor in all things.  I really did deliver that humor and that news to all I met.  Sooo....I put it on the side of my car.  Yup I did.  The Happy News Lady.  You see I had gone thru a very traumatic loss.  Of everything.  My business, my car, my savings, all security.  And there was this man saying I was The Happy News Lady!  So I decided to be just that and started a blog post called just that.  The Happy News Lady who finds humor in something every day.  Yet like most I have my days or months on the off side of life where I don't write anything funny or happy.  I will always return on the good side.  Being flashed by some idiot on the freeway, imagining things that seem real but aren't, using my own life stories as a joke which the whole darn thing has been.  Not sure who the heck I can blame for that except mawh!  I'd rather do the denial thingy and bless Martin for planting a seed within my mind that grew and allowed me to express my everything and  many thoughts"out there" for really no one to see, but for me to "get it out."  I did not blog to make money.  If I had I would have done my fun numerology....  I blogged for me. And I thank Martin for his happiness of spirit.  I wish to be someone who greets others with such joy of heart and face like Martin does.....  "Aawwhh loookie here, eet's dah Hoopie Nuse Ladie."   Yes it is ......
Sometimes God / the Universe sends us each a Martin with a message.  Martin's message just might reach more than me through me.  God bless Martin Deacon! He already blessed his business for sure!
Go ahead and Google Jamerica!  And there you will find Martin Deacon who moved here from Jamaca and stayed. Martin could have moved anywhere and stayed.  He said the people of Madison Wisconsin are happy people, but me, I think it's Martin who is the happy person that makes each of his days a good day to be alive.  And I think Madison is very lucky to have this person and his specialty food and personality.
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