Friday, March 11, 2011

Where's Malaysia? By Diane Ogden

Last night there was an 8.2 earthquake in Japan that devastated much of the county and peoples lives.  Huge cracks in roads, bridges down, roads out, water rushing in filled with black debris such as cars, trees, animals, and so on.  Horror.

I happened to be up most of the night because my daughter was sick with the NoroVirus green puecking Linda Blair look...all night. About five o'clock I checked my phone for some reason and saw that my number four son had called me from Malaysia twice.  The phone was in my pocket! Must have been on accidental silent.  I made an international call to him but all circuits were busy.  I had no idea of the earthquake at this point so I went to sleep at 5:30a.m. At 7:30 my daughter with the green Noro Virus swaggers out of her room saying, "Mom, Derek called and he hopes Chris is safe because there was the biggest earthquake in the world in Japan last night."  OK so that was a little over the top but not much.   Given those words I flew off the sofa, grabbed my phone, checked for messages, wrote on FaceBook that my son was in Japan!  (Since when is Malaysia in Japan...?)  I added on face book that Chris called from Malaysia.  I must not be the only "Hick" among my FB friends because no one said anything. Either we all need to go back to school for a refresher course in World whereabouts or they were just being polite.  I would put a check by the first one.  We all need a refresher in world maps.  One guy did enlighten me regarding Japan vs Malaysia, but he did it through a private message.  Good man! That would be Chris's friend Hugh Crane.  Thanks Hugh.
Point?  Chris is fine.  Not liking being on Koh Phi Phi, an Island hearing sirens, seeing fires, etc.  Time to come home?  Ya Think?
Bottom line is I made a little ass of myself on the large "face" book.
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