Monday, March 7, 2011

Arthritus?? and Rock n Roll?? by Diane Ogden

I love to dance. Always have.  Won dance contests in 4th grade, at grad party, and then onto other bars mostly.  Oh God! Suppose you were expecting me to say Dancing With the Stars or at least the Fred Astaire School of Dance where my Auntie taught for years! Nope I was a wayward dancer, or delinquent dancer, or maybe a hometown girl dancer is a better title, adjective, verb for my dancing.  And as the years (decades) have passed I still love to dance. Ballroom, Jazz, Country, Rock, whatever....
What's my point?  I have arthritis in some joints from "pissed off!"  They say arthritis  comes from anger.....and that is true.  I try to fix that emotion so I can dance again and for other obvious reasons such as health, well being, forgiveness, and so on, but in the meantime I can still dance....  But ONLY when I listen to 60's music.  The best and happiest time of my life!  I can dance!  Actually I dance with one of the posts of my four poster bed!  Its great leverage as well as it makes for a great partner.... and then I can get into my huge four poster bed and spread out with no one in the way.  I can dance!  Oh, forgot to say:  There is no arthritis in my body in the 60's.  Must be why I can dance with the post from the 60's. It's all mental you see?
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