Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spider Veins on My Teeth? by Diane Ogden

As you know from a previous post I almost put super glue in my eye after eye surgery because the bottle was almost the same as the antibiotic bottle.  Fortunately I caught the slight difference in bottles therefore I am fine.  But....                      this morning I woke at the insane hour of 4:30 after a stupid dream that I was a bad Mother.  Imagine that! What Mother ever thinks such a thing. And what child no matter the age ever pushes the bad Mother button all Mothers have right on our shoulder.  Mine must have gotten pushed to have that arss (ass) dream because it was a stinker bad one and it woke me up at 4:30 a.m. and kept me up, period.  I wandered into the "rest room," why do they call it that?  I have never rested in the toilet room.  Back to my point.  I wandered in there, grabbed my toothpaste, opened the lid and that is when I realized the lid was not right. Too big.  I took another view and noticed the label said, Solution for Spider Veins.  Last time I looked I do not have spider veins on my teeth.  Anyway its outdated and has turned yellow and thick (I know I know, throw it away OK - I will!) and thank God I didn't put that goop in my mouth. But then who knows it might have whitened my teeth.  It lightens/whitens red veins.  Humm, maybe I'll dig it out of that trash after all. 
Just k i d d i n g..... just remember this all happened because some kid pushed my bad Mommie button. That won't happen again.  (Ya sure)
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