Monday, February 14, 2011

Rhett Butler (any day)

He just had it all didn't he? He was gorgeous, masculine, beyond strong in personality and every other area, a major movie star, and simply what every woman would ever want in a man. Well any normal woman that is and that is certainly my personal opinion anyway and I believe from all I have read 90% of all other women also.  Not that 89% of us ever get one of those.  Nor do most of the Rhett Butlers ever get a woman they are happy with, but then come on there are NOT many Rhett's in life....I thought I had one once or twice. I was wrong by the way.Or maybe I just got to have it extra times than others.  Back in '75 I was driving a brand new Pontiac Grand Prix given to me by the Rhett Butt in my life at that time. Driving down the highway with a new Cassette tape plugged in playing Herb Albert's Tijuana Brass newest songs! (The Today show interviewed Herb Albert today which brought to the surface of my mind these bloggy foggy thoughts)  I thought nothing could be better ever in life. And nothing could at that moment anyway. car was the color of a Valentine and Love was all around and in it.  Until he came one day and took it back for the secretary at his lawyers office.  That's how Valentines go.  Some you get to keep and some you have to let go...I call that re-gifting.  It wasn't a card, it was a car H E L L O.  I have had other Valentine Cars and Cards since then and expect to have a few more in my last years. Cards that is...  Or maybe I will be the giver anymore... of both.  Valentines Day is what again? To give something to someone you love? To give candy to children? Red hearts with little love words on them, chocolates, roses, cards, hearts, lace, cupids, and maybe a new red and white car, who knows....   I still like these old vintage Valentine's, strange as they now seem in this century.  Too strange in fact...
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