Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Leaning Tower of Toilet Paper by Diane Ogden

I do not like one ply toilet tushie tissue...and last time I purchased toilet poddie wipe tissue I accidentally bought twelve rolls of the stuff.  This meant that several times a day I yanked really hard on the uppie poopee paper tissue holder, (I like my shoot shiner tissue to roll out from the top) so I could get a big bunch of it and get it all used up fast.  It still took quite some time but finally today I got to purchase twelve new rolls of two ply softer crap wrapper tissue.  Although I noticed they are now making the inside roller much larger around and shorter to save on teepee tissue on the manufacturers end.  Not the same way we have to save on bung fodder tissue is it?  We have to save on butt wipe tissue so they can save on turd towel tissue.  Something like that.  Regardless, I always stack my spiky bark tissue rolls in the corner beside the toilet.  I stack a few and put the rest in a closet...but today I decided to stack em all for the heck of it.... I counted 14!  I got a kick out of doing it for some reason.  Then I noticed the toilet seat was up and the ars wipe tissue tower was leaning a I quickly put the lid down to save several rolls in case of tower failure.  Suppose I will take some of them down, just in case.  In case of what I don't know. Even if they fell on my head while sitting there it would be no big deal. Odd day today, at least I got a laugh out of my little lego boodie wipe toilet paper tower.
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