Monday, February 28, 2011

The Leaning Tower of Pee-za Went Diane Ogden

So I get home from work.  Take the dog out.  Fix a piece of toast with cheese and jelly.  Call Mother at the convalescent home to check on her healing broken hip. Then took a podie break only to find six of my teepee tissue rolls on the floor and one GIANT water soaked podie wipe roll in the toilet.  Yup, I forgot to put the lid down. And fellows, this is what happens to us girl rears when the lid is left up.  Soggy, unraveled (mentally,) fully soaked and feeling very spread out and spread thin just like this sogged fallen female tushie tissue.  Poor thing. And check out that male role (roll) still standing next to her..  sshheessh.  Put the lid down guys!
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