Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Diane Ogden

What can I say? I could write the book named Danielle! And it just might be a best seller....especially if I embedded her/your songs.  That hasn't been invented or has it? How does one put into print the complex and amazing wonderful unpredictable personality of Danielle?  Impossible! impracticable, infeasible, unachievable, unattainable, undoable, unrealizable, impractical, insurmountable...........but I will try.
"Anybody lookin fer Danielle?"
"Don't go Chasin Waterfalls?"  I never could get that title could I?
Little fits!
Big fits!
Mommie Naomi, Papa Harold, Gma Bonnie, cousins, Weddings, Birthdays, The Zoo, The Mall, New Clothes, Used Clothes, Shoes!!!  Photo shoots, Family meals, Day Care :o )
Pets, Uncles, Papa J, Gma J, April, Dandee, The Farm, Daddy Dan, Jill, Bob, Visiting Cows, Carlo, Choking on Pickles, "wiener in your pants in newspaper," Trampoline, At least 19 Christmas's, PeeWee, Barney, Carriage Rides, Tatoos, Graduating, Shopping, St. Vinnies, LOL, Wal Mart, Kimmy, Katie, Amber, The Lincoln, Playhouses, quilts, "looney Len," Monroe Street, Pine Street, Hanson Road, Viroqua, Michael, Muffin, Katelyn,  Bad hair coloring by Nana!! Playing makeup, omg Dress Up, Bike Riding, chasing boys, flooded car, Trips to Centralia, Nan_ucket, car accident eeww, boyfriends, VICI, Cody-Man, Cayden.....and that's only a few of the life happenings I recall since your Birth- Day. Thanks for being a part of my life kiddo.  I love you forever.  NanaD
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