Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do the Math! I Owe Them One Bag of DOVE, That's All! Diane Ogden

OOK so I have a client that keeps a nice bowl of Dove dark chocolate on their sofa table...of which I visit every two weeks.  And every two weeks for almost two years I eat one, OK sometimes two pieces of Dove Chocolate, depending on the amount of Dove Chocolate in the bowl.  Wouldn't want them to miss any.  I am not a thief by any means...well I did take a piece of entertainment food, but did I steal it?  OMG surely I am not a thief.  Maybe I am a merely a "tiny" chocolate thief? I hate that word.  Therefore I deducted that after 18 months plus of eating/stealing, ohh I hate that word!, two pieces a month for 18 months would equal me owing my client one bag of Dove chocolates total.  I think I am now due an out of jail card...  Does this mean I can never eat another one of their Dove pieces again???  That would suck. I might have to bring my own and that's no fun.  I promise to buy them one bag every 18 months or so. Depending upon how the math works out.  Hey its not like I borrow money from them and put it back every 18 months.  Duh. It's DOVE for crying out loud for chocolate!!
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