Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BMW Convertable Low Rider by Diane Ogden

Let me see....I worked three jobs today, tomorrow I work three more and pic up thousands of small magazines to be delivered around the Capital of Wisconsin, Madison....  I just ate a piece of Dove Chocolate Dark and read the little inspirational do da day wrapper that says, "Take a deep breath and exhale, Love Dove!"  I just stared at it.  Like hello, if am alive  I am taking breaths and exhaling them.  What's a deep one going to offer me with my schedule.  I don't do energy drinks or I should die if I did because they cause me anxiety and run me to the E.R. So... what's my point?  My point is I don't have a BMW convertible.  I know someone that does....and her friend and my friend told me today that she couldn't get to their happy meeting like all the other women did because she drives a BMW convertible that is too low to the ground and Oklahoma just got another dose of snow.  She doesn't have my schedule either, but she sure does have a low rider BMW Convertible.  Hell I have a Buick my Mother passed down to me.  Oh I am grateful for sure... It rides high, has mudflaps (omg if I'm lyin I'm dyin) 136,000 miles on her, rust around that long frame underneath and a little on the door.  But its paid for. And it would get me to a meeting in the snow.  But would I rather have that BMW Convertible. Hell yes!  And I would also like her job too.  That job would be, you guessed it, no job...
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