Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super Glued Eye? by Diane Ogden

OK so you already know from the last blog post that I had eye surgery last week.  And when you have eye surgery you have to use eye drops of prednisone and antibiotics four times a day which I do.  Well if I don't forget which I do on occasion. I am to mark the chart for the first and second drops,  use the marker to put a check mark by each one each time each four hours for four weeks. Nutz, oh yes.  And they must be used five minutes apart at least! What can a person do for five minutes in the bathroom four times a day if you don't need to pee or poo.  OK Urinate or defecate, better?  Clean?  Rearrange the medicine cabinet that many times a month! NOT...Wash the floor, clean the shower, brush teeth, comb hair, la la la de daa....what?  So I put the first drop in and then carry they second ones to the computer desk, kitchen, toaster, cheese cutter, take dog out, whatever? AND then, watch the clock for the five minute time to pass and then dropie doo!  At some point in this process I decided to super glue the head back on my Angel which had broken off which I lost at some point and then recently found .... which I did.   Then I suddenly forgot if I had put the second drops in my eye or not.  I went to pic up the bottle  and drop the drop in the eye when I suddenly noticed I had the wrong bottle..  OH MY GOD I had picked up the bottle of super glue.  Sweet Jesus Lord God Almighty and Mother Mary! Did I cover it all. Nope, Holy Shit, now I covered it all for me anyway.  Can you imagine??  Super gluing your own eye shut and having to probably have another surgery. No way, I caught it... From now on I will stay in the bathroom for five minutes doing whatever I can think of.... just in case. 
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