Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Cat Photo' Diane Ogden

I can't give this fellow credit for his or her photo, because I grabbed it off of my I Google opening screen under Random Cat Photos. 
My last couple blog posts have not depicted so much Happy News from this lady until I came across this little lady....surely this is a lady cat right?  Maybe not, too laid back for a female? Whichever....I could only wish either of my cats or little dog would allow me this privilege.  Forget the shirt, I would be beholden to hold either cat in this manner.  One is a rescue and the other from a farm.  The rescue is a  very sweet Ferrell, not sure how to spell that one, but sure learning how to give her a quick pick up and put down.  Even after four years!  She has claws that is why the quick pic up and put down.  She begs for attention, but do not pic me up thank you.  She also eats one jar of baby food, Ham being the only flavor she will eat, every morning. The other cat is my daughters and is a cunning sort of creature. Stares me down eyeball to eyeball.  Another don't pic me up or I will dig in to get down.  So I just spend money and feed them, clean out their litter boxes, pet them as I go past.  Sort of like a couple of the husbands I used to have hanging around. I have to upgrade in all areas.  Its easier to get rid of a husband than it is these cats..... The dog makes up for it though. She only bites if I try to check her teeth, clip the poo of her boodie, clip her nails, and put a coat on her. Oh or a leash.  Who rules around here anyway?  Me or the critters? My mentor of 33 years taught me "anything for peace."  I think I took it too far!
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