Thursday, January 13, 2011

Operation "Roy G. Biv" by Diane E. Ogden

A new chance to see Roy G. Biv!  Remember back in school they taught us how to retain the colors of the rainbow?  Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Indigo - Violet! = roygbiv.  Well now I can see all those colors very clearly and brilliantly after today.  This is the second eye surgery which happened today...notice the before and after gorgeous photos whee-oo. So proud.  I was still out of it from the wonderful anesthetic cocktail some fellow named Mr. Lee gave me.  I am not sure what I said to him but my stand up routine went into "High" gear because everyone was laughing at something... I can only presume, (notice I didn't say ass-u-me), it was me.  I think I invited Mr. Lee to come home with me!  I am laughing now.  He was a kid, well a 35 year old kid... Am I embarrassed, nope.  I was interested in his powers of good sleep not his other powers thank you.  Sort of like Micheal Jackson took his anesthesiologist home with him.  I am just kidding. Well maybe if I were 35 again I would be more interested in his other powers but for now I am sitting in front of my computer with a patch on one eye trying to see the print. Hoping I will only need some of those cutsie little readers that sit on the bottom of your nose. You know all the different colored ones with rhinestones and shiny silver and gold beaded chains to hold them around your neck for just the right time when they are needed for phone books or small print on menus. 
Now all I need is the mini lift.  You know, the pulling of the jowels back and up.  Just a little.  Then I could see Roy G. Giv and once again recognize myself when I look in a mirror...
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